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What's fqrouter

It is a software designed to help you circumvent Great Firewall of China (GFW). Fqrouter has a number of public proxies built-in, so it works out of box by just one click. It works on Android mobile, without ROOT permission. If ROOT permission is given, it can also run as "router". Being router means, not only the Android mobile running fqrouter is able to access restricted websites, it can "share" the free internet to other devices.

GFW Circumvention

fqrouter use the following methods concurrently to circumvent GFW:

  1. Bypass: scramble TCP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  2. Bypass: scramble HTTP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  3. Bypass: manually query DNS to resolve correct ip to avoid DNS hijacking
  4. Bypass: resolving google.com to not blocked ip to avoid SSL packet drop
  5. Proxy: GoAgent/SSH/HTTP/SPDY/Shadowsocks

fqrouter can bypass GFW, but there are cases (IP blocked) fqrouter has to fallback to use proxy. To maximize the stability and speed, fqrouter will try to use proxies smartly:

  1. Direct Access: for China ip
  2. Direct Access: direct connection is tried first, use proxy only if direct access blocked
  3. Fallback: one proxy died will fallback to another, without corrupting the connection
  4. Fallback: when scrambler not working, fallback to proxy transparently
  5. Load balancing: proxies used in round robin way

Free Internet Sharing

There are a number of ways to share free internet to other devices via fqrouter.

  1. wifi in => fqrouter => wifi out (A.K.A wifi repeater)
  2. Pick & Play
  3. 3G in => fqrouter => wifi out (Android built-in)
  4. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => usb out (Android built-in)
  5. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => bluetooth out (Android built-in)
  6. lan in => fqrouter => wifi out (some set-top box)

Wifi repeater is a unique feature, however it requires hardware/driver support

Pick & Play scan the devices in your LAN, and forge the default gateway to redirect their traffic via fqrouter


fqrotuer project was started as a ROM for tplink-wr703n, a mini wireless router capable of running 3rd party OS OpenWRT. At that time, I did not believe it is possible to make Android mobile phone as wireless router. But after the discovery of ways to start wifi hotspot concurrently with normal wifi connection on Android phones, the development focus then shifted from OpenWRT to Android. However, the support of OpenWRT is still on my radar, home wifi-router running OpenWRT is still the best platform for infrastructure deployment, such as Home/Office.